Pussycat lapel pin badge

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The lapel pin badge, with a £1 coin to give you an idea of size. The badge is 16 mm high.

Show your support for women's rights with this relatively subdued lapel pin badge.

The badge is made from die struck enamel, has raised black features on a recessed pink background. The badge is 16 mm high.

Currently pricing is set at: £2 each, plus postage/packaging*.

Please email us if you are based outside the UK and USA, as we will need to work out the correct postage!

We are aiming to break even, at most, not make a profit!

Please note that packaging, labelling, posting are all handled by just Ian and Andrea; we have full-time jobs, so it might take a few days to ship the lapel pin badge(s) to you.

Please email us if you have any questions.

*Sorry, but we had to put up the UK pricing from the original £0.50. The postage (for the UK) is £0.75, the padded envelope £0.20, and a sticky label a few pence. About £1 in all.

Current status

The new batch of badges has arrived (500 of them).
Please go ahead and order! Sorry for the delay!

Ian 7/4/17

UK orders

Number (£1 postage/packaging will be added later).

USA orders

Number of badges (price includes post and packaging)